School Age Childcare

Children's Lighthouse is not your typical afterschool daycare! We want your afterschool child to be excited about attending our early learning school, so we have designed a program that provides your child with a balance of learning and fun through an assortment of afterschool and holiday activities. Our school age program is specifically designed to meet the varied abilities, numerous personalities and complex interests of children aged five through twelve years. We provide a relaxed yet stimulating environment featuring an exciting curriculum not found in traditional daycare centers. Your child's experiences at Children's Lighthouse are based on the Reggio Emilia project-based learning approach. This Italian educational method is innovative and inspiring. The Reggio Emilia approach values your child as strong, capable, resilient…rich with wonder and knowledge.

In true Reggio Emilia style, opportunities that encourage your child's creativity and nurture innovation are included daily. Creative thinking activities encourage students to produce original work however they so choose. Providing children with an outlet to explore what interests them is extremely important to their development. During regular school hours, your child may feel limited opportunities to create and explore. We want your school-age child to unlock their inner creativity through project-based innovative experiences that will help discover what truly excites them.

The Children's Lighthouse school age curriculum is based upon exciting themed tracks which incorporate interactive learning in a fun-filled environment. This curriculum also features monthly character values and service projects. Another unique benefit of our curriculum is that at the beginning of each school year, your child's class will actually be able to choose the track that will be explored. As the weeks progress, your child will have input into what project and activities are planned. Once summer comes we ramp up the fun to an even higher level through our “eX-S.T.R.E.A.M℠” curriculum which has weekly themes such as 'Dem Bones – Paleontology' and 'Get in My Belly – Food Science.'

We are truly not a customary afterschool daycare, our guiding principle is 'educational child care with a purpose.' Children's Lighthouse wants to nurture your school-age child's innovative and creative spirit through our curriculum while helping to support their academic success. We are dedicated to helping you raise a well-rounded child in our school age program. We believe your entire family will benefit from your child's exposure to our 'character values based' curriculum. Come be a part of the Children's Lighthouse family experience!